Frequently Asked Questions

What makes you a special venue?

Wonwood Barton is perfect in so many waysThe venue is unique with a square courtyard of barns and roundhouse in the middleStunning viewsFantastic accommodationAre you suitable for small weddingsWe are perfect for small intimate weddings because of our roundhouse with its huge woodburner. It is fantastic for between 2 and 50 guests. We can also offer an all inclusive package.

Can we get legally married at Wonwood Barton?

Yes from spring 2019. You will need to book the ceremony with the registrar. We will give you all the info :) We can host the same amount of guests that you have at your wedding.

If we get married in church can we still have a wedding reception at Wonwood Barton?

Absolutely yes.

How many guests can we have at the reception?

Up to 120 including the evening guests

If we already married legally can we have a celebrant ceremony at Wonwood Barton?

Of course - no problem!

Do you allow children at Wonwood Barton?

Children are welcome to the ceremony and reception but we do not allow them to stay overnight. They must be closely supervised at all times.

Can we use our own caterers?

We do have our own caterers and we are working on new exciting menus for 2019 ranging from sharing feasts, street food and vintage afternoon tea. We do allow you to bring your own caterers but we are not able to provide a kitchen.

Can we bring our own drinks or do you have a package?

We are happy for you to provide your own drink and we do not charge corkage. Alternatively we can provide a bar.

Do you provide glassware?

We provide glasses if we are catering for you. We provide glasses if we run the bar for you. We do not provide glasses if you bring your own drink or do your own catering or use outside caterers. We will be happy to hire them for you at extra cost or give you a list of hire companies.

Do you have fridges and freezers for our use?

Yes we have a tall larder fridge and a chest freezer

What time do the festivities have to finnish?

At weekends music must finish at midnight and carriages by 12.30 Mid week music must finish at 11pm and carriages by 11.30

Can we decorate the venue?

Yes you are very welcome to bring anything you like to decorate the venue. We have quite a lot of jars, stoneware, candelabras, baskets and galvanised bins for your use. We are also on hand to help with our ladders! Remember it takes a long time to achieve good results so you will need to start getting the venue ready the day before the wedding and bring lots of helpers. It is fun and we have all day coffee on the go. We will also be happy to provide a decorating service and can discuss costs and plans with you.

Can we use our own suppliers?

Absolutely and we can also suggest some excellent local suppliers.

What about music can we have a live band and DJ?

Yes, no problem. We have several options for their location

Can we have fireworks?

We do not allow fireworks or Chinese lanterns, but we do allow sparklers it are really popular and fun.

What about accommodation?

We can offer accommodation for 8 adults ( we do not allow children in the rooms) in four fantastic suites with their own access into the courtyard perfect for falling into bed after all the festivities

Do you allow dogs at your weddings?

We are happy for well behaved dogs but they are your responsibility. We will need to know about your dog as there are certain breeds that we do not take. We do not allow dogs in the rooms.

Are you eco friendly?

Yes, we try as hard as we can. We do not allow any non-recyclable materials (bowls plates glasses cutlery etc…) If using your own caterers we do not allow them to provide polystyrene containers. Bamboo and palm leaf products readily available and are perfect for dining and disposing

Who does the set up for the day look like?

If you have the venue hire only package you are responsible for all the set up eg Decoration, table laying, moving furniture, etc… If you decide on a catering package we will lay and decorate the table with your chosen flowers or any other items (provided by you) You will be responsible for all other decoration including the flowers If you choose an all inclusive bijoux wedding we will be responsible for all of the above. We are very flexible and happy to discuss any variations of the above.

When do we get access to the venue?

You have access to the venue and accommodation from 12midday the day before. We are happy for you to deliver anything a few days before if required as we know it is a busy time.

What time do we have to vacate the venue?

The official time is to vacate the venue by 12 midday the day after the wedding. However if you would like to extend your stay so you can relax or make use of the facilities for another afternoon we are happy to discuss rates etc.

What if it is chilly?

Devon weather can be variable. But don’t worry we have a huge woodburner in our roundhouse and a wood burner in our bar which keep you toasty and warm. A lot of our guests stay by the fires chatting until the early hours. We can also provide firepits but they are your responsibility.

Can we visit the venue?

Definitely we welcome all visitors including granny, auntie, long lost cousin etc..

What are your toilet facilities like?

We have a lovely toilet block with four toilets and a vanity area with large mirror.

What is the parking like?

Great We have parking next to the venue for 6 cars and field parking for the rest

Are guests able to camp?

Yes in our field but there are no facilities and campers are not allowed to use our rooms.

Do we have to do the clearing up and recycling?

If you choose the venue only hire you will be responsible for all the cleaning, clearing and recycling (everything you bring you take away.) If you decide on a catering or an all - inclusive package and have our bar we will be responsible for all of the above.If you decide on a catering or an all-inclusive package but bring your own drink you will be responsible for providing and clearing all glasses and recycling of bottles etc..We will be happy to do this for you at extra cost.

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